What We Offer

  • Email Marketing is an attractive marketing strategy for all businesses as it allows them to quickly, easily, and cheaply engage their most loyal customers.

  • Social Media Marketing offer businesses a faster means to reach their target audiences and grow their contacts. Similar to email marketing it has the potential to attract repeat business.

  • Website Design is important for defining your online presence. Websites are a must for every business in today's fast paced world. Web design plays a vital role in the sale and promotions of your business's services.


You can always contact the professional staff at GoLoyal to answer any questions that you may have.

Why should we use GoLoyal for email marketing?

1) Inexpensive; 2) Time Saving; and 3) Customer Retention. The cost of using GoLoyal’s permission based email program is much cheaper compared with running a direct mail or any other advertising campaign since you do not have to pay for postage costs, and graphic design fees. By partnering with GoLoyal, we save your business time since we take care of everything revolving around running your email program. GoLoyal’s email marketing program brings customers back into your business which is crucial to your success. This is accomplished through coupon distribution, discounts, and any other content that you want to provide in your email on a monthly basis. This will create loyalty between your business and your customer.

How do we establish an email database since we do not have one?

It is very easy and GoLoyal is here to help. We provide each business with different techniques to gather email addresses from your customers. Through promotional displays that we provide, to our technology and friends and family referrals, we are here to help you grow your email list. In a matter of a few months you will have a few hundred email addresses.

Can I use the email addresses that I have already collected for this monthly email?

YES! GoLoyal will collect the current email addresses from you and then provide your business with additional avenues to collect new addresses. If you have business cards or printed lists, GoLoyal will upload these email addresses into our database that will only be used for your business. Since we have a strict Anti-Spam Policy, we do not recommend our business owners purchase lists. Instead, it is recommended that you gather the email addresses of your current customer base.

Who owns the names in my email database?

You do! GoLoyal collects the email addresses from you and uploads them into our system to email your contacts on a monthly basis. GoLoyal provides each business with different tools to track response rates from each person on your email list.

To adhere to our Privacy Policy, GoLoyal will not share, give out or sell any of your customer information.

How do I obtain a copy of my email Database?

Upon request, GoLoyal will provide you with a list of your email database. In addition, GoLoyal will provide an area specifically for your business where you are able to access all of the tracking tools for your specific email campaign.

When does my monthly email go out?

You can decide what day and time of the month that you want the email sent out. It can be on a different day each month, but we would recommend that you are consistent for the most part in terms of timing for each email.

How long does it take for my business to get up and running?

Once you sign up with GoLoyal, you will receive sign up forms within 3-5 days depending on where your business is located. We will also provide a promotional display box and different techniques for your staff to collect email addresses. In some cases, we take digital photos of your place of business which will be used in the monthly email. Implementation for your program will take approximately one week. Within that time GoLoyal will have an email template for your business ready to go. All you need to do is sign off on it. For our pricing information, click here.

How long is the agreement for?

We recommend partnering with us for at least a year. It usually takes a few months to build up your email list. The more addresses that you collect will make your program even more cost effective.

How secure is my list of email addresses?

Your list is very secure. We backup and protect our systems on the front end and back end.

Still Have Questions? Call us at 646-736-1904 or email info@goloyal.com.