Segmenting Your Lists. Targeting Your Clients.

June 20th, 2013

GoLoyal uses “segments” to help you personalize, categorize and identify your lists. Most clients already use our segments to add client profile info.  First Name, Last Name and Birth Month are the most common, and in this case segment is just another way to describe one of the columns in your email database.

What we can do with segmentation, besides personalizing your email, is what can make your emails stand-out. You many different types of customers, whether you are marketing your emails directly to customers, or to other businesses. Identifying what things differentiate your customers is the first step to create your segment.

If you have a membership club, or VIP accounts, sending emails to just that segment will let them know they are getting something special. Sending members-only specials to your complete database may encourage non-members to join, but a more specific email targeted exclusively to non-members will create a more relevant email.  The same holds true when sending emails with special promotions for non-members or new guests to your complete database. Current members may not always remember what specials incentives they received when they joined, and the newest one may seem better!

The more targeted your email is, the more relevant the information will be to the reader. Once readers become use to highly targeted information, they will open their emails more regularly, greatly improving your email reputation.

Birthday emails are another great example of this. Birthday emails have a very high open rate. Most clients look forward to all the specials and discounts they get, so they are eager to open their email and redeem their birthday offers. Deciding what other events or occasions can be special for your customers is a great way to start a new segment. You can track their first visit, the anniversary of a membership, or even their attendance at a special event.

The more data you can collect and organize, the more information you have to work with to target your customers. Talk to the GoLoyal team today to see how we can help you create exciting, relevant email campaigns.

Website updated!

April 23rd, 2013 is updated with more information for prospective clients, and even more features for existing ones.  Be sure to log in to your account update your information.

Tip: Improving Open Rates through Email Acquisition

April 23rd, 2013

Follow acquisition best practices – Email marketing is no longer just about blasting your message out to any and every email address you can find. That technique will quickly land you in the spam folder. Instead, you should grow your lists organically and always get permission to send emails. While that should be a no-brainer, some senders still insist on buying lists, automatically adding people to their marketing lists after an online purchase, adding them during in-store sales without fully explaining the types of communications they’ll receive, etc.

You can quickly grow your lists with the right subscribers by adding a Sign-Up Form or Modal Popup on your website, which asks visitors to subscribe and sometimes gives them an incentive for doing so. It is important to note that it should also include privacy information and an explanation of what types of communications they should expect from you.

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