• Demian Salon
    Washington, D.C.
    Demian I.
    I enjoy working with GoLoyal very much. Business is up during a slow off-season, sales continue to pour in, and the packages are really selling. Keep up the great work, the response has been great thus far and your design team is doing a great job.

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Facebook Fan Program

Go Viral with GoLoyal.

Having thousands of Likes for your Facebook page will ensure that your message is being read. But the number of Likes is not the only important aspect of a Fan Page. Capturing leads and engaging your audience will give you more opportunity to connect with your Fans.

GoLoyal can create Fan-Only promotions, coupons and give-aways, that are only available to users that have Liked your page. You can direct your clients to your Fan-Only page, and if they are not already Facebook Fans, they wil be presented with the screen below.

After they have Liked your page, they will then be able to see the special promotion you are offering. If they would like to claim their personalized certificate, they will need to install your Fan-Only App. By installing the app, they allow your company to have access to their name and email address, so that you may personalize the certificate. Now, the client has an exclusive promotion, you can track the number of promotions and their email is added to your GoLoyal email database.

Capturing their email address to your database is a major advantage of the Fan-Only App, so you can include them in your future email campaigns. If you are running a Facebook page and only counting the number of Likes, you are missing out on extra interactions with your Fans.

GoLoyal can create and maintain a Facebook Page for your business, too. Facebook Pages are seamlessly integrated into the Facebook user's experience, however, they can be linked directly to your current company website, shopping cart or blog.